Cat Activity Play Mat
Cat Activity Play Mat
Cat Activity Play Mat
Cat Activity Play Mat
Cat Activity Play Mat
Cat Activity Play Mat
Cat Activity Play Mat
Cat Activity Play Mat

Cat Activity Play Mat

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  • Scratching and Territory-Bounding: 
    Supports Mental Well-Being and Helps Burn Calories = Happy + Trim Kitty
    Cats Love the Texture of the Special Carpet Design.

  • Hunting, Stalking, Pouncing and Hiding: 
    Satisfies primal urges and teaches Dexterity = Entertained + Exercised Kitty
    Cats Instinctively Enjoy Ripple Tunnels and Peep-Holes.

  • Cleaning and Grooming: 
    Healthy Cats are Clean Cats = Clean Nails + Beautiful Soft Coat
    Cat’s love the Safety of the Ripples to Groom at Their Own Sweet Pace. They Also Love Stretching and Rolling Around, Leaving Fur on the Carpet and Not Your Sofa.

  • Socializing: 
    Providing a Safe Environment to Play with Others = Less Scratches on Your Hand
    Cats Love When You Scratch the Carpet Fibers with Your Fingers – They’re Inside and You’re Outside, Never the Twain (Claw) Shall Meet.

  • Resting & Recuperation:
    Defensible Hidey-Hole = Safe Place to Nap, Sleep and Recover
    The Cat Activity Play Mat Helps Any Cat Feel Safe. Cats Enjoy the Privacy and Seclusion Offered by the Sanctuary of The Cat Activity Play Mat. Your Cat Can Sleep Inside or Even Flop Down Onto the Carpet, Making a ‘Nest’ to Cradle Themselves.

Great For Both Cats and Kittens:
  • Great for Kitten Training
  • Easy to Clean for Those 'Oops' Moments - Machine Washable
  • Tough and Durable, Perfect For Clawing and Sharp Teeth
  • Interactive Play Has Never Been So Much Fun
  • Reconfigure Anytime to Make a New Play Space
  • Safe Environment to Play with Others
Safety First:
  • Non-Toxic Carpet
  • Made from PET Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles
  • Carpet is Hypoallergenic, Mold, Mildew, and Stain Resistent
  • Safety Slits Allow for Expansion of Holes as Cats Pass-Through
  • Full Non-Slip Coating Keeps Carpet in Place When Kitty Pounces
  • Non-Fray Carpet Design, No Loose Strings to Worry About
  • Lets your Furball is Always Safe
Saving your Furniture!
  • Helps to Prevent Damage to Furniture
  • Save Your Furniture From Cat Clawing and Digging
  • Great Scratching Rug
  • Fur Collects on Ripple Rug, not Your Furniture
  • Holes Act as Groomers Removing Loose Fur While Playing
  • Nail Shards Collect from Clawing Rug
Meets All 5 Pillars of a Healthy Feline Environment:
  • Satisfies Primal Hunting Instincts
  • Holes Act as Hideouts and Lookouts
  • Cats Pounce From Holes to Attack Passers-by
  • Hide Toys and Treat Inside
  • Keeps them Entertained
  • Perfect Cozy Bed


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